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Welcome to our LarkBomb ice cream and snow cone truck, a delightful mobile oasis of frozen delights, where the sweet legacy of our family farm comes to life.

Nestled on the peninsula of Perry Lake in Oskaloosa, Kansas, our farm is a haven of flavor, blooming with farm-grown fruits and cherished traditions.

LarkBomb ice cream is inspired by a recipe shared from generation to generation and made for my family by my grandmother, Winnie, who we called Granny. She would make the ice cream in an ice cream churn and one of us kids would have to sit on it with a towel to keep the cover on and keep the cream churning.

Our farm to scoop recipes give us a chance to craft a "no powder, no egg" ice cream experience steeped in nostalgia and farm raised ingredients that ensure the taste is how it was originally supposed to taste.


Fresh Strawberries in Baskets
pecan nuts

In order to bring the best varieties we rely on our own farm as well as partner with other farms and orchards to provide the fruits, nuts and berries required to flavor our creations.

As we traverse the streets and farmer's markets, we invite you to savor the taste of tradition, transporting you back to a simpler time with each delectable scoop.


How to buy LarkBomb ice cream.

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More Flavors Coming Soon!